Free Service Evaluation from NVC Logistics Group

April 1, 2012

NVC Logistics Group,  a national company with offices in Bergen County, has introduced  their new Delivery Service Evaluation.  This free  analysis  is an adjunct to their Supply Chain Consulting Service  offering,  and provides  new  prospects  with a practical  review and recommendation of their regional/national transportation program, which they may not get elsewhere.  

“Often times small & medium-sized businesses, as well as start-up companies, don't have the qualified supply chain resources they need to  internally  identify and  solve regional or national home delivery  and transportation  issues.”  said  NVC  President.  Its  purpose  is  to  provide  practical  solutions  that produce  results  and  enhance  the  efficiency  of  their  transportation  program.   “Hopefully  this  free evaluation  will act as an incentive for these prospects  to  more closely examine  their  program,” said VP of National Accounts Director and one of the specialists who’ll work with prospects.  He also added that “once completed, there is no future requirement on their end.”

NVC’s team of veteran logistics specialists will leverage their industry knowledge & experience to initiate an  audit  and  then  review,  identify  and  recommend  potential  areas  of  improvement.   This  can  be accomplished with either a few phone conversations or an in-person visit.  Areas covered by this free evaluation  include:   home  delivery  process,  schedule  optimization,  route  review,  resource  allocation, systems integration, transportation process review and management reports. NVC Logistics Group,   with offices in NY/NJ, Chicago and Los Angeles,   provides specialized transportation and delivery of hi -value, oversized items to homes and businesses nationwide. With a core competency in white glove home delivery, NVC Logistics Group also offers Warehousing, Reverse Logistics, Asset Recovery, and Distribution Services.


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NVC Logistics Celebrates 35 Years of Delivery Excellence

March 12, 2012

NVC Logistics Group, a nationwide leader in value-added transportation services, is celebrating its 35th Anniversary this month. NVC Logistics Group is an industry leader in the specialized transportation and delivery of high-value, over-sized items to homes and businesses.  They have a nationwide footprint, with service to every zip code within the continental U.S.  Their “center of excellence”, or core competency, is the white glove handling of high-value over-sized items.  Other  value-added logistics  solutions  offered  include:  home  and  business  delivery,  strategic  warehousing  and distribution, field exchange, asset recovery and supply chain consulting."NVC has grown its reputation for excellence over the past 35 years because of the service level we provide and the relationships we build," said President, NVC Logistics Group. “We appreciate the trust our clients show in us to provide specialized handling and white glove service for their high-value products,” he said. NVC  was  started  in  March,  1977  by  Don  Powers,  who  is  still  CEO.    

“My  philosophy  has always been to provide great service and quality, for every customer on every delivery”, Don said.  


NVC Logistics Wins Customer Service Award

March 1, 2012

NVC Logistics Group’s Western Regional Operations facility, located in Brea, California, was recognized by a major home goods client for its outstanding customer home delivery service last month.

NVC was presented the inaugural “Hub-of-the-Month” award for outstanding customer experience scores. NVC’s Southern California facility was the hub honored for its consistent adherence to stringent scope of work compliance, tight delivery parameters and extremely low complaint to shipment ratios. In addition, these scores are driven by great customer service, excellent executive partnership, and overall cost control.More...

NVC Logistics Driver Receives Ryder Safety Award

November 1, 2011

NVC Logistics Group today announced that one of its drivers was named Safe Driver of the Month by Ryder. Greg Grundy, a commercial vehicle Class A driver with  NVC Logistics Group, was recognized through Ryder’s ongoing Safety Awards Program as its Driver of the Month. Greg was selected from thousands of potential candidates  due  to  his  attention  to  safety,  collision  free  miles,  length  of  service,  overall  driving  record  and DOT, local & State regulatory compliance. In addition to being an experienced driver, Mr. Grundy also has a background as a mechanic. Garret Schulz, Customer Development Manager for Ryder presented  the  award  to  Mr.  Grundy  last  month.  The  award exemplifies  driver  dedication  to  safety  and  service  to customers, company and community. More...

Summer 2011 Newsletter

June 1, 2011

NVC Technology Integration – An Added-Value Client Resource

Technological enhancements and process improvements are always at the forefront at NVC.  Our team of developers and analysts allow us to provide this added-value service to clients. This resource helps to improve client interface, information and connectivity for more efficient data management.

NVC’s team of developers can supply clients with IT support, making any needed adjustments to better integrate order, transportation, logistics or reporting systems. Recent client integrations included:

Information Customization: to improve analysis and carrier control, we provided shipment specific data that our client was able to export, analyze and then manipulate according to data type, audience and specific layer of information.

Enhanced Interface:  we supported client efficiency improvements in shipping and cost analysis by integrating data details on order entries, as restrictions and constraints prevented their system from providing data in the proper format.

Software Connectivity:  we created a link to improve data reporting by attaching a specific document used by NVC drivers during the delivery process, thus allowing for better consignee follow-up. 

Customer Support:  working with clients’ IT department, an automated system module was developed and installed to enhance consignee notification on selective orders.

Our technology resource can help create and support solutions to access, integrate and manage data more easily and cost effectively.More...

NVC Logistics Group Adds Dedicated Resource

November 9, 2009

Continuing growth at NVC Logistics Group, a national leader in the delivery of high-value, oversized items, has positively impacted its management ranks. The logistics and transportation services company announced a new team for national accounts.

"NVC Logistics has been in business for over 30 years because of the service level we provide and the relationships we build," said President of NVC Logistics Group. "We firmly believe that building and maintaining strong ties with our clients is the lifeblood of our business," he stated.

"The new team knows the intricacies of NVC and as importantly, they know logistics," said the President said. "They'll be an experienced, knowledgeable, and dedicated resource, insuring both new and current clients receive the ongoing attention, service and issue resolution needed to successfully deliver their products."More...

Spring 2009 Newsletter

April 1, 2009

1969 NY Knicks Found in NVC Warehouse!

Not the actual 1969 champion New York Knicks, but rather the Madison Square Garden basketball floor they won their NBA Championship on.

NVC‘s  70,000  square  foot  warehouse  in Rockleigh, NJ,has been the home of the Knicks

hardwood floor  ever  since  our  client,  a  major sports memorabilia company, purchased all 4700 square  feet.  Over  the  years,  the  company  has used  NVC  as  a  strategic  warehouse  resource  to store memorabilia from New York sports teams as well as college and professional teams.

“We believe in meeting the needs of our customers, and  strategic  warehousing,  like  storing  the Knicks  championship  floor,  is  just  one  way  we provide added-value service to our clients,”

said President of NVC Logistics Group.


Growth Drives New WMS for NVC Logistics Group

February 1, 2009

With multiple warehouse locations situated in major metro markets, NVC Logistics Group announced the implementation of a new Warehouse Management System (WMS).

Growing from a single facility to three warehouse locations over the past 16 months, improving warehouse efficiency and logistics operations productivity was essential for NVC.

"As we continue to grow the business and fill our warehouses, improving visibility and control over the receipt, storage and shipment of goods throughout our facilities is imperative", said NVC VP of Operations. "This system allows us to achieve these initial goals while also providing the flexibility to expand our service offerings across our warehouses in Northern New Jersey, Chicago and Los Angeles." NVC selected the SmartTurn™ WMS, as it was quick to implement, easy-to-use, required few resources to sustain and minimal data conversion restrictions. "As importantly, it easily integrated with our proprietary tracking system, financial software and mobile scanning devices", he said.

In addition to handling home and business deliveries, an essential piece of NVC's business includes field exchange and product returns. Coupled with their warehousing and distribution capabilities, the warehouse became a very busy, labor intensive area. The SmartTurn™ WMS will scan and capture data on the spot in the warehouse, provide better visibility on quantities and bin locations, and monitor the flow of items moving through the warehouses.

"Greater efficiency and better visibility translate to improved service and reduced cost", said NVC President. "With the new WMS, not only will we see increased accuracies in the receiving process, but productivity improvements will be realized in both the warehouse and in the office through improved sorting, storing, cross-docking, processing, data collection and financial reporting", he said. "Our clients will be the beneficiaries of this improved service through more accurate information and timely deliveries."

NVC Logistics Group offers an extensive range of high quality transportation services including Home and Business Delivery, Reverse Logistics, Installation Logistics, Asset Recovery, Warehousing and Distribution. Additional information about the company can be found at

Fall 2008 Newsletter

October 1, 2008

Strategic Expansion: Phase II

New Full-service Office Opens in Chicago


Early this summer, NVC Logistics Group opened a new regional office in the Chicagoland area, the  third asset  based  facility  NVC  will  now operate.


“Strategically, it fits perfectly with our northern  New  Jersey  and  Los  Angeles  hubs,”  said the President of NVC Logistics Group. “This Midwest presence allows us to provide greater  efficiencies  to our  clients,  given  the high  volume  of  freight  moving  through  the region from both coasts. Like our LA office, we  envision  this  facility  having  a  positive impact on transit times while simultaneously increasing overall service levels,” he said.


The  40,000  sq.  ft.  facility  in  Bensenville,  IL, is strategically located next to O’Hare Airport and  several  major  highways.   In  addition  to improving  proximity  to  existing  customers, the new ORD facility will allow for more efficient  processing  of  returns,  improve  consolidation  efforts  and  increase  overall  freight handling performance. More...

New York Mets Get BIG Delivery

October 1, 2008

NVC Logistics Group, a nationwide leader in transportation management, specializes in delivering high-value, over-sized items. But none bigger than the one delivered last week to Citi Field, the new home of the New York Mets. NVC was trusted with making the delivery of a new 9 foot LCD television - 108" to be exact - to the new Met offices! It is the world’s largest high definition display television currently in production.

"Our experience and specialized handling of high-value, over-sized items is invaluable, especially when it comes to an item this large and expensive" said President of NVC Logistics Group. "We've successfully delivered several hundred of these 100 inch plus televisions - to corporations, municipalities, celebrities and consumers. We appreciate the trust our clients show in us to provide specialized handling and value-added service to ensure a successful delivery," he said.

These high-definition displays are used in lobbies, conference rooms and homes for a wide-range of applications, including: simultaneous viewing of multiple events, video production, screenings, and various live events. In the case of the New York Mets, visitors to their front offices will be treated to watching all Met-owned teams.

NVC Logistics Group, through its NVC Direct (nationwide) and NVC Express (local) units, is a nationwide leader in the delivery of large, high-value items. In addition to high-end consumer electronics, NVC also delivers furniture, medical equipment, appliances, and retail displays among other items. With headquarters in New Jersey, NVC offers an extensive range of high quality services including Asset recovery/Product Exchange, Installation Logistics, Warehousing and Distribution.

For more information about NVC’s services, call 877.526.3393 or click