NVC Lets Customers Rest Assured

December 12, 2013



It is no secret that NVC Logistics is the preferred white glove provider for many of the large mattress manufacturers.  NVC’s excellent reputation has earned them the opportunity of being the white glove provider for one of the most high-class bedding manufacturers in the world.  More...

NVC Brings High Expectations to High Point

October 22, 2013

NVC Logistics Group is always in search of helping new companies by providing delivery solutions for their every need. This was the main focus for Frank Graziosa, Business Development Executive, and Matthew Fichera, Vice President of Sales, when traveling to High Point Market in North Carolina this past month.  Featuring top brands and innovative furniture, High Point Market was swimming with companies trying to find a White Glove logistics carrier that could provide the extra tender loving care needed for their delicate freight.More...

NVC Delivers Rewards

October 15, 2013

There is nothing more satisfying than receiving a reward for hard work well done; that is unless you are the delivery company that gets to deliver the smile at the end of the day.  NVC Logistics just recently turned on a new account with one of the biggest incentive companies in America.  


NVC Goes Green in Canada

October 8, 2013

NVC recognizes the great importance of protecting the environment in all ways possible; this is why NVC jumped on the opportunity to help deliver for the only certified eco-friendly bedding company to hotels and homes around the United States and Canada. Visiting the organic mattress company in Canada last week, NVC’s sales team learned how these “go green” mattresses are made, from all natural materials, and More...

NVC Solves Problems Worldwide

August 28, 2013


There is never any problem too big for NVC to handle and they have proven this once again with their most recent worldwide solution.  NVC, a leader in value-added logistics services and solutions, provided their elite asset recovery services for a well known electronics company who was in need of an intercompany transfer of high-value computer equipment while still keeping the current data in-tact.  More...

NVC Cooks up New Business

June 1, 2013

NVC Logistics is really turning up the heat with their new business working with a well-known online restaurant equipment company.  The oversized, high-value commercial appliances with installs have been of no challenge for NVC’s expert teams. NVC understands that these appliances are crucial in the operation of restaurants and businesses so, as always, great careMore...

NVC Delivers the Party to Nobu

May 1, 2013

The Perfect atmosphere is what truly creates a successful event and NVC literally brought the party to Nobu restaurant in Dallas, Texas.  Hired by an elite furniture company for an important marketing event, NVC exceeded expectations upon delivery. 


The time sensitive delivery restraints brought about no complications for the experienced delivery team. NVC flawlessly managed the early morning White Glove Service delivery and setup and followed up the next day to package up the event furniture and ship it back.  NVC’s professionalism, timeliness, and excellence in service brought about tremendous success for the event holder who applauds NVC for a job well done. 

NVC Logistics Receives “Hub-of-the-Quarter” Award

November 1, 2012

NVC Logistics Group’s Western Regional Operations facility, located in Brea, CA, was recognized by their billion dollar international home goods client as “Hub-of-the-Quarter” for outstanding white glove home delivery service.

NVC Logistics Group is an industry leader in the specialized transportation and delivery of hi-value, oversized items to homes and businesses. They have a nationwide footprint, with service to every zip code within the continental U.S. Their “center of excellence”, or core competency, is the white glove delivery of high-value oversized items.


NVC Logistics Wins Client Service Award – Again!

July 1, 2012

NVC Logistics Group’s Eastern Regional Operations facility, located in Rockleigh, NJ, was recognized by a major home goods client for its outstanding white glove home delivery service last month.

NVC was presented with the “Hub-of-the-Month” award for outstanding customer service and experience scores in home delivery. NVC’s West Coast facility received a similar client service recognition award a few months ago. The NVC-Rockleigh hub was honored for its consistent adherence to stringent scope of work compliance, tight delivery parameters and extremely low complaint to shipment ratios. In addition, these scores are driven by great customer service, excellent executive partnership, and overall cost control.


NVC Logistics Receives Award as “Home Delivery Team” of-the-Month

May 1, 2012

veteran  delivery  team  from  NVC  Logistics  Group’s  Eastern Regional  Operations  facility,  located  in  Rockleigh,  NJ,  was  recognized  by  their  national  home goods client for outstanding white glove home delivery service last month.NVC  Logistics  Group  is  an  industry  leader  in  the  specialized  transportation  and  delivery  of  hivalue, oversized  items to homes and businesses.  They have a nationwide footprint, with service to every zip code within the continental U.S.  Their “center of excellence”, or core competency,  is the white glove delivery of these high-value oversized items. The  NVC  “Home  Delivery  Team  of  the  Month”  being recognized  is  led  by  ten  year  veteran  Nik  Mitreski, along  with  delivery  team  associate  Valentin  Sidorski. This recognition  comes  directly  from NVC’s client,  and is  awarded  for  outstanding  home  delivery  and customer  satisfaction  levels.   Specifically,  the  NVC driver  team was  honored for  on-time deliveries within the  specified  time  window,  professionalism, performance, and positive customer interactions. More...