NVC Logistics Receives Award as “Home Delivery Team” of-the-Month

May 1, 2012

veteran  delivery  team  from  NVC  Logistics  Group’s  Eastern Regional  Operations  facility,  located  in  Rockleigh,  NJ,  was  recognized  by  their  national  home goods client for outstanding white glove home delivery service last month.NVC  Logistics  Group  is  an  industry  leader  in  the  specialized  transportation  and  delivery  of  hivalue, oversized  items to homes and businesses.  They have a nationwide footprint, with service to every zip code within the continental U.S.  Their “center of excellence”, or core competency,  is the white glove delivery of these high-value oversized items. The  NVC  “Home  Delivery  Team  of  the  Month”  being recognized  is  led  by  ten  year  veteran  Nik  Mitreski, along  with  delivery  team  associate  Valentin  Sidorski. This recognition  comes  directly  from NVC’s client,  and is  awarded  for  outstanding  home  delivery  and customer  satisfaction  levels.   Specifically,  the  NVC driver  team was  honored for  on-time deliveries within the  specified  time  window,  professionalism, performance, and positive customer interactions.  

“Our  goal  is a quality  experience  and  excellent  service  on  every delivery,” 

said NVC Vice President.  “Nik and Valentin  exemplify  our  commitment to this goal.  Their  professionalism and dedication is best summed up by their response to receiving the Delivery Team of the Month Award.”   Their  reaction  when  they  learned  of  the  award:  “We  appreciate  the  recognition  very much,  but  we  were  just  doing  our  job.”  This  focus  on  client  commitment,  team  effort  and superior  service  has  enabled  NVC  to  succeed  for  35  years  in  a  challenging  home  delivery  and warehousing marketplace. NVC Logistics Group services include Strategic Warehousing & Distribution, Field Exchange & Asset Recovery.  NVC also manages a network of delivery partners along with its asset-based facilities in the major markets of New York, Chicago and LA.

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